Facts about me.

☯️ I graduated from Liverpool John Moore’s University with a bachelor’s in Wildlife Conservation in July 2018 which included a foundation year.

☯️I attempted a foundation year in the University of Liverpool but didn’t like the structure of the course, moved into university accommodation for the first time (which was awful away from my support network) and all my flat mates were unruly rebels who were getting drunk all the time and I’m not mentioning the rest 🤢🤮… I took a year out to find another university and had my first breakdown at 19/20.

☯️I lived in Liverpool for 5 years whilst studying.

☯️ I have been a vegetarian for 16 years in March.

☯️My longest relationship was 6 years and I was engaged.

☯️ My passion for the environment started from learning about house and garden plants with my nana, going to National Trust sites, going to Wildlife Trust sites and volunteering in the local community in green spaces, and through living in Wales.

☯️ I love cheese, avocado, chocolate milk (soya), smoothies, chutney, spicy food, Italian food and a good ramen. I love baking.

☯️I want to specialise in pollinator ecology… I love bees!! 🐝🐝🐝

☯️ I’ve always loved to read!! 📚

☯️I’m a Netflix addict. I love serial killer documentaries, funny tv programmes, most documentaries and thrillers.

☯️I’ve worked with the blind and know how to approach them and assist their basic needs.

☯️ I would like to learn ASL and sign language to help the deaf.

☯️ I’ve worked in bars, fast food, a cricket club, call centre, insurance brokers, delivery company, bingo hall and clothes shop.

☯️ I’m great at organising.

☯️I’m often to generous for my own good.

☯️ During school I got recognised for my poetry and it got published in several books for parents.

☯️I love my doggies, I have a deep connection with Rita and she’s so empathetic and always follows me when I’m down and let’s me cuddle her, we snuggle in bed. When i get my own place again I’m definitely getting a dog.

☯️ I’m learning to drive as I need it for my job and everything else, although I find it hard with my anxiety at times, I’ve passed my theory at least.

☯️I love nothing more than a hot bubble bath (with lush bath bomb) and a cup of earl grey tea.

☯️ I love anything lavendar. It totally relaxes me and scientists have proven it to be beneficial for anxiety and depression.

☯️I love my magazine subscriptions.

☯️I love watching cartoons and have a bad sense of humour, a rather childish one at times. I love to laugh.

☯️I love wearing hippy clothes or bright clothes. It instantly makes me feel happy along with bright hair. I love colour and artsy stuff.

☯️I got a B in high school in art.

☯️I have 2 rats, used to have 4. They are my furry babies! 🐀🐀

☯️Always been a feminist but more recently been expressing this and learning along the way.

☯️My mum is my best friend.

☯️I meditate and count myself as very spiritual. 😌🧘‍♀️

☯️ I love toiletries and anything smelly and girly- lavendar is my favourite scent.

☯️ I am an empath and quickly pick up on others feelings.

☯️ I’m a huge Disney fan.

☯️ I have an younger brother with aspergers who is a lot taller than me, long hair and in a biker group. His dream is to own a Harley Davidson.

☯️ I don’t see my real dad, I went through court proceedings with my mum and brother so we wouldn’t have to see him- my mental health issues boil down to what happened to me as a child.

☯️ I hate arrogance! I love when people practice self-love and love themselves but their really is a balance. It’s nice to look good but everything isn’t about how you look- you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

☯️ I absolutely believe that knowledge comes from openly admitting when you’re wrong, accepting peoples opinions even when they differ yours and openly saying you don’t know something before pretending you do. Its unhealthy to pretend and act like you know everything- this universe is vast, humanity is complicated, how can you possibly know everything.

☯️ I really LOVE listening to piano music, it totally relaxes me.

Anything else you want to know?

Ask away! ❤❤

Thanks for reading.

Faye x


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