Podcasts!!! 🎧🎤 Which ones do I listen to?

This post is all about podcasts, something I have gained a lot of passion for throughout the years.

Sometimes you want to listen to something but music isn’t what you fancy listening to… PODCASTS TO THE RESCUE!

Podcasts have truly been a life saver for me, there are so many to listen to suiting any mood you are in.

If your in the mood to learn, to have a giggle, to relax, to go to sleep, to meditate, to listen to people going through the same journey as you, to listen to your favourite celebrities… everything can be covered with podcasts.

I am an app addict so I actually started listening to podcasts not long after downloading Audible (audio book app), I was intrigued whether it was free or a subscription service again, so I downloaded an app called Podcast Go. I was truly amazed to find so many topics covered, from nature, to religion, spirituality, comedy, feminism, politics, everything.

When you find a podcast you like you start from episode 1 for an introduction to it and most of the time it just automatically plays the next episode until your at the most recent episode, some podcasts though after episode 1 you can listen to any podcast as each one has a different theme to it.

I listen to them at work, whilst travelling, whilst reading, anywhere really and I’m constantly discovering amazing people on them, who most of them are on Instagram.

I have 4 genres of podcasts I listen to at the moment:

🔅Factual podcasts.

Some that I have saved and listen to include:

➡️The intellegence- by the economist.

➡️History chicks.


➡️Stuff mom never told you.

➡️BBC earth podcast

➡️Getting curious with Jonathan Van Ness (yass queen 😅❤).

➡️NASA cast video.

➡️Best of natural history radio.

➡️The science hour- BBC World Service.

🔅Feminist podcasts. These I listen to a lot! Here are some I recommend:

➡️The guilty feminist.

➡️Made of human by Sofie Hagan.

➡️The black widow.

➡️Feminist coffee hour.

➡️Girl boss radio.

➡️You run like a girl.

➡️Hit like a girl.

🔅 Funny podcasts. There’s so many to chose from, including:

➡️2 dope queens.

➡️She’s all fat.

➡️ The Joe Rogan experience.

➡️ My dad wrote a porno.

➡️ Lovett or leave it.

➡️Judge John Hodgeman.

➡️ The Read.

➡️How did this get made.

🔅Spiritual/ self-help podcasts. These can range from self help podcasts about confidence, to meditation, to how to adapt Buddhist practices to your life. These are my recommendations:

➡️Unfuck your brain.

➡️Feel better live more.

➡️The Calmer you podcast.

➡️Courage and Spice.

➡️Higher self podcast.

➡️The happy place- Fearne Cotton.

➡️Mindfulness of breath for beginners.

➡️The Buddhist podcast.

These are just some I have saved and am in progress of listening to.

I have so many yet to discover once I’ve listened to these 😍😅😂 it’s all so exciting!

If you have any recommendations, I’m open to listening to more or if you want more recommendations let me know.

Get listening 😅😅🎧🎧🎧🎤

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