Poem: is it wrong to wonder?

This poem is about how I split up with my ex, its quiet random, its something I just felt I needed to get out.


Is it wrong to wonder how you are doing?

I want to know if you are struggling as much as I am,

Do you think of things differently now I’m not there?

Now do you realise how much I did for you and why I left?

Do you wonder how things would have been if we’d never met?

Do you wonder around our house and see what I tried to make it for us?

Do you see the memories we made in that house?

Have you met someone else?

Have you made me out to be the villain or are you continuing the victim act?

Will she do as much for you that I did?

Will you show her around our house and ignore the time we spent there?

Are you making new memories with her in replace of ours?

Are you doing better for yourself than I am because I feel like I gave my all to you and and everything for you and I’ve walked away with nothing,

My plans of a future with you gone,

All that remains is a feeling of betrayal,

Betrayal because how you made me feel so insecure, inadequate and unworthy of your time and attention,

I am still processing parts of it nearly a year on,

I am finding it difficult to trust again,

I have lost all interest in finding someone because I am scared the same thing will happen again,

I’m afraid to open up,

I just wonder how your doing,

Is it wrong to wonder?

#breakup #ex #wondering #poetry


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