Review of Umbrella Academy. ☂️☂️☂️☂️

Again I watched what Netflix told me to, like a robot but for the second time now, but I was not disappointed. Netflix at the moment is my friend. 🥰😌

This series based on a book which I would love to read one day after all my other books on my ‘to read’ list. 📚

I thought this series was going to be just another superhero series (because there are a lot of them on Netflix) but I was so wrong, it wasn’t a classic superhero series at all, there were elements of comedy in it and aspects of real life including addiction.

I mainly chose to watch it because of….

I love this actor I watched him in Misfits years ago and he was my favourite character of the series, so of course I was super excited to see him again in something else and I wasn’t disappointed with his performance. I’d missed him so much! 😢😨

His character suffers with addiction due to his powers (no spoilers) and his character was the most comical out of all the superheroes.

The actual back story was original and refreshing to watch however, I would have liked to see more back flashes into the characters life after they split up from the academy and went their separate ways especially perhaps how Klaus’s addiction developed and more flashes into what he was like as a child, what other tasks Luther was given whilst he was the only one left in the academy and why perhaps he was chosen as number 1, how Vanya coped with her insecurities of feeling like she wasn’t like her brothers and sisters and what she did in the academy whilst everyone else was fighting crime and how Diego got into the business of saving people superhero style and how he established his style of fighting.

On IMDB this received a 8.4 out of 10 rating which I think is a good rating but in my opinion it should be a 9 out of 10 at least.

I really enjoyed how this movie used trauma, life and character and I especially loved the choice of music used in the scenes to really elevate the comical points and action.

The series was a bit slow to get into at first, in episode 1-3, but after that it just gets better and better and I really enjoyed that these superheroes were more relatable via their family dramas and traumas and the storyline covered a lot about their lives and as you are watching it you understand more and more why the characters are the way they are and the bigger picture starts unraveling.

I really loved this series and I can’t wait to hopefully see the next series as this ended on a clip hanger that was super annoying!! Why Netflix why?! 😔😫😨😭

Happy watching.

Faye x

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