Review of ‘Isn’t it romantic’. šŸ„°šŸ„°šŸ„°

I watched this last night after seeing it advertised on Netflix the night before plus it has Rebel Wilson in- I LOVE her. Oh my gosh… I was not disappointed! It was amazing! <3<3<3<3

The storyline was so orginal, it was obviously a comedy as thats what Rebel Wilson specialises in but I thought there was a very important message in this film… SELF LOVE!

Yes, something I preach about a lot on my instagram (ecoqueenfaye). The main character opens her eyes and therefore her consciousness and stops putting herself down and achieves great things! She realises everything that is going on around her and she wakes up, gets her arse into gear and realises she is awesome!

She needs to be in every romance film to realise this- only by facing total optimism and fantasy she understands that elements of romance comedies can be true or in otherwords true love exists.

I truly cannot recommend this film enough it is totally amazing and the truly magnificient Rebel Wilson has not disappointed me. Love you girl! ā¤


Faye x

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