Review of Brimstone. 🎥📽🎞

I watched this film last night after my previous review of ‘voice in the stone’ and I cannot get it out of my head. You know when you watch a horror film with a really ‘good’ bad character in and your can’t get the character out of your head, you keep thinking over and over how awful he is and thank God someone like this doesn’t exist… I hope, plus the ending kept playing through my mind.

Anyway, on with the review.

I chose this film firstly because of Dakota Fanning who I love, she has been in many periodic dramas, films and modern films I have watched too, she is fantastic in whatever role she plays and she really is a fantastic actress.

Second of all, as sad as it is I chose it because I’d previously watched a film with Emily Clarke in and this film had Kit Harrington in (aka Jon Snow and Khalisi- yes I am a huge Game of Thrones fan)- I was interested how his performance would be in this film as I have only seen him in Game of Thrones, whereas I’ve seen Emily Clarke in other things.

As a bonus, it did also have Guy Pearce in it, who I quite like as an actor and I was interested how well he would play the bad character in this.

It is confusing at first as the movie plays out in chapters and whilst watching the first chapter aka the first part of the film you think you’ve missed a lot of the story line but as you continue watching it, it all pieces together.

At the start of the film I wasn’t really focused on one character in particular but as the film went on you saw more into the trauma that the main character Liz goes through and you start to really feel for her and you start to piece it all together.

Your heart is torn in every direction and you start to hate the bad character aka Reverend even more when you realise what a sick person he really is 😡😱

I was slightly disappointed that the lovely and delicious Kit Harrington wasn’t in the film for long but while he was in it and I was so glad he played the good guy even if it was very short lived.

This film is quite long and really detailed and intense at times but its really worth a watch. I cannot recommend it enough, but if you get bothered by horror films badly like I do, don’t watch it just before you go to bed unless you’ll have a scatter brain like I did.

Happy watching.

Faye x

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