Review of Tidying up with Marie Kondo. β˜ΊπŸ‘–πŸ‘•πŸ§€πŸ‘š

A few months ago all I heard about was this show by Marie kondo call “tidying up”, it was advertised on Netflix but I kept scrolling past it and completely overlooking it.

A few months back I decided to take the plunge and to give it a try, I read about Marie kondo beforehand and I really like the sound of her, she sounds like a very passionate and lovely person, she’s so polite and she has a very calming aura about her.

I binge watched the series in about 2 days and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. She’s such lovely, polite and calming person and she is so little and petite.

Every family she helped she was very compassionate, and I think leaving them to do the organising rather than sticking her oare in and interfering worked so well because when it comes to a individuals home their belongings are private and personal and through her making them sort their house out themselves but using her rules and philosophy of sparking joy really attributed to the overall success of the house clean.

The way she organises the home is brilliant, the philosophy of keeping items that spark joy I thought was a really good idea and her ideals touch a lot on feng shui and mindfulness and as a premises i really loved it and thought it was such a simple idea and actually quite obvious idea (to the point where your like “why didn’t I think of that?!”) however, it can be problematic at times with the practicality element forgotten about, for example, shall I keep my multiple pairs of black leggings even though they don’t spark joy?- well yes because its the practical thing to do, one pair will eventually be dirty and go in the wash so I need multiple pairs obviously or if one pair rips.

Also with the books, I disagree with getting rid of books that don’t spark joy as some books have more of a practical element and I really believe in keeping books you’ve already read as it gives you satisfaction to see all the books you’ve read and learnt from plus you are bound to have people in your home that would pay an interest in those books which you then can borrow or give the books to them and this gives you an opportunity to help others and get closer to them, people really do bond over books- as you can tell I’m very passionate about books.

Her premises/philosophy I think though will help so many people in so many ways. Your home is such an important element to your life.

When it comes to your home it can be so easy to hold onto things that you don’t need, either items you’ve bought for the pure sake of it, items that you like or items people have given you, but if you hoard too much you home ends up chaotic and you lose sight of what you actually have and you no longer appreciate the items you have or the space you have, your not using your space to it’s full potential.

I think what Marie teaches is to value the little things, to value each item in your home, to value the space you have- she teaches you to be more mindful and to have gratitude and this is exactly what more people need because with our hectic and busy lives it is very easy to overlook the environment around you especially your home and you don’t always realise how much your environment affects your wellbeing.


It’s great to see and hear that so many people after watching this programme have been inspired to adopt her methods and go into spring cleaning mode.

I do this myself every spring as I know that I get into the habit of hoarding things and when my depression is acting up the first thing I notice is that my room gets messy and a messy room makes me feel more anxious.

A tidy room and an organised room makes me feel calm and grounded and also helps me sleep better; many studies actually prove how your home can affect your mental health.

A recent study found that those who described their homes as cluttered were more likely to feel negative mood swings and fatigue.

Deborah Robertson, author of a new book called “declutter” also agrees saying- “Clutter drains you of energy, it steals your time, robs you of storage and fills your weekends with things that need cleaning, mending or putting away”…

You know what, she so right!!

After watching this I have already implemented her practices to my room and its made me feel x100 better but I do have to sort out my wardrobe and all my clothes so this is next on the agenda!!

Its going to take me a while! πŸ˜“πŸ˜« but it will definitely be worth it and make me feel a million times better.

For anyone who hasn’t watched this I would definitely recommend it.

You can also read her book:

I definitely want to give it a read.

Until next time.

Faye x

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