Spirituality/mental health quote: ‘learning to be present’.

This is definitely true with me, I find it awfully hard to stay in the present.

I struggling with finding happiness in the present because of the awful habit of comparing what I have to others and because I’ve always had the picture in my head of exactly what I want and when you haven’t got it and your stuck in a type of limbo where you’ve done all the hard work but you still have no idea how to get it- it gets somewhat frustrating PLUS with your PTSD giving your flashbacks of the trauma and hard times you’ve been through. 😠😓😫

It’s not to say I’m ungrateful, I’m not! I’m so so grateful for everything and everyone I have in my life but I just constantly wonder- theres got to be more!

#mentalhealth #spirituality #spiritual #spiritualawakening #reality #struggles #dailystruggles #ptsd #PTSD #depression #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthwarrior


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