Mental health quote: “I’ve gotten myself through a lot”.

I love this quote it really touches home with Amy and it’s so very very true.

My shear strength, resilience adaptability, love, passion and determination has got me so through so many difficult situations.

I have wiped my own tears when I’ve been upset with nobody to talk to, or the person that’s causing me pain not willing to change their behaviour, when I have been betrayed and ignored, when I phoned forgotten about and mistreated…

I have had to wipe my own tears away process the pain and get myself through it and move on.

I have used reading as a coping mechanism ideas books to relax why did my knowledge and help myself. I have read books that have both been useful and pleasurable. Books provide escapism from the real world and I have read books that soothed my soul.

After all the suffering I’ve been through and all the suffering to come I will continue to put myself together piece by piece; suffering is part of human existence and I would not be anything without it.

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