Reviewing the past few days: ‘severe reaction to anti-depressants’. 🧠💊🚫


Monday morning, I woke up with an anxiety attack, I felt like someone was stomping on my chest with a heavy metal boot covering my entire chest, I felt almost immobilized it was so hard to get out of bed.

My face was on fire, my face felt puffy and swollen and once I looked in the mirror, my feelings were proved true- my face was swollen.

The previous day the skin above my eyes had become swollen but I wasnt sure what that was down to as I tend to get swollen eyes when I am very tired and fatigued, and I have been quite fatigued lately with my depression being at it’s high end again.

My face swollen: Monday morning.

Although you cannot see in detail here, my eyes were the most sore, I tried to get a doctors appointment but with no victory so I resorted into phoning my local pharmacy of which they confirmed my initial thoughts- it was a severe reaction to my anti-depressants and I needed to stop taking them immediately.

As well as my face being swollen my fatigue was the worse it had been in a long while and taking anti-histamines as recommended by the pharmacist just made this worse!

I cannot even begin to describe what my head felt like except that it felt like my head was on a very wobbly boat on choppy waters and both in an ancient head clamp (like on Princess Bride or the old medieval films).

I called in sick and went straight to bed where I stayed in bed all day…

I was completely flat out, I went back to bed at 11am and only woke up twice, once at 4pm and the second time at 7.30pm once my dad got home.

The next day (Tuesday) my face had gone down, it was still sore but it had gone down! Phew!

My head was a little better but most of all my fatigue was a lot better so I thought- time to go to work!

I only work part time so I can’t afford to take sick days off as my work don’t pay for sick days and statutory sick pay is a significant decrease of what I currently get and am barely surviving on.

Anyway…. today- Wednesday!

Super tired today and cold today hence the beany hat and cosy scarf.

It has been a cold and miserable day today but work actually hasn’t been too bad.

I’m still feeling pretty low and not 100% as I am still very fatigued with constant dizziness, aching muscles and headaches along with the tablets making my anxiety worse by further accelerating my heart rate and making my chest hurt but I am grateful that today was an easy day for me in work and a productive day altogether with applying for jobs in the morning and spending some much needed time with my doggies to cheer me up.

I wonder if people are aware of the side effects that you can get from anti-depressants, whether they agree with you or not; and whether people know that they lack scientific proof to actually help with mental health issues.

➡️I may cover this in a later post!

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