Dragonflies are the best predators!

Forget lions! Dragonflies are the world’s deadliest predators!
Yes you heard right…DRAGONFLIES! 🦟🦟🦟 Dragonflies are nature’s most successful predator when it comes to catching prey, scientists have revealed… ➡️catching more than 95% of its targeted prey.
Scientists at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute affixed tiny reflective markers to insects bodies and filmed them in slow motion to measure their head and body orientation during flight.
It’s the first example of such skill in invertebrates.

Its huge eyes provide an almost spherical view of the world while the insect perches on a leaf waiting for prey to fly overhead and this is the reason the dragonfly is such as effective hunter is that when targeting its prey, the insect keeps it in sight while adjusting its flight, and can predict how it will move before catching it. ✴Watch the TED talk video titled: ” How a dragonflies brain is designed to kill”- by Greg Gage for more info! ✴

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