Artic species: ‘Artic lamprey’ (Lethenteron camtschaticum).

This weird thing is a species of jawless fish in the order Petromyzontiformes.
It inhabits coastal freshwater habitat types in the Artic. Some populations are anadromus, spending part of their lives in the ocean. It is the most common and widespread lamprey in the Arctic region. The adults live in freshwater habitat near the coast, such as rivers and lakes. It can be found over stony and sandy substrates, and shelters under vegetation.
The Arctic lamprey is a commercially important edible fish with fatty flesh. It is reared in aquaculture.

The ammocoetes are used as bait. Threats to the spawning habitat of this species include pollution and the regulation of water flow by damming. Nevertheless, the IUCN has assessed this species as being of “Least Concern”. #fish #iucn #iucnleastconcern #weirdspecies #animalfacts #jawlessfish #artic #articwildlife #wildlife #ocean #oceans #freshwaterspecies #freshwaterhabitats #freshwaterfish #animalfacts #marine #marinespecies #nature #naturalworld #species #wildlifeconservation #conservation


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