An accidental and relaxed bank holiday for me (living with chronic fatigue). ðŸ˜´ðŸ˜©ðŸ™ðŸ˜³ðŸ›ŒðŸ›€ðŸ™‡â€â™€ï¸

This weekend, after an exhausting few days in pain due to my PCOS (which had made my chronic fatigue worse) I have been recuperating in bed. 🛌🙇‍♀️🙁😴 I knew since waking up on the Saturday morning that it would be difficult for me to do much this weekend.

Everywhere hurts, my back and all my muscles, especially my hands and legs. My muscles sore and burning and weak due to aching so much that I can barely move.

I made myself breakfast on the Saturday morning (nearly burning myself with the kettle as I get accidental on my bad days) and then got a long hot bath which helped a lot.🛀🛀

I couldnt take more painkillers as they don’t help with the pain they just knock my head about and make me feel spaced out and Friday didn’t help as I took my normal Zapain plus an extra 30mg of Codeine from a friend at work as I was really struggling.

I attempted to go downstairs to make myself a brew on thr Saturday afternoon and fell down the stairs and blistered all my hand, bruised my legs and bum😂🙈

My body isn’t cooperating lately! My legs are so sore and weak which you wouldn’t think looking at them. 🙈😂- thick thighs save lives.

I’ve spent this weekend reading, cuddling with my doggies and binge watching What if on Netflix with Renee Zellweger and You’re dead to me. I did some gardening but I couldn’t do much due to have a raised bed and leaning over killing my back.

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