Womens rights: Men SHOULD NOT be deciding what happens with womens bodies! ✊♀️

Why is it that men in government and governing bodies are sitting around discussing what happens with women’s bodies and women’s reproductive rights they get?!

The goal of the wave of anti-abortion laws in America is to put female sexuality under strict and brutal state control.

Let’s start by acknowledging that women are not things. We are human beings, not to be owned, not to be controlled and not to be viewed as only potential mothers- let’s establish as a ground rule that women are not vessels, or incubators, or an undifferentiated natural resource. Women are human beings whose human rights matter!

After reading a news article by BBC news… (screenshot below), I thought I’d write this blog post.

My answer…. HELL NO!!!
Most of the US state laws banning or severely restricting access to abortions have been voted on by male politicians- this needs to stop!

We need more women in parliament and governments both in the US and in the UK, only women should be deciding on our women’s rights.

The people should get to decided instead of middle aged white privileged men!

Abortion should be safe and legal.

Childhood marriages need to stop.

Forced marriages need to stop sexualising women needs to stop and viewing women just as potential mothers needs to stop.

Some women will never have children that doesn’t devalue us, we are human beings not reproductive machines and the men who rule our governments need to realise this and it is our job to make them realise this.

We cannot be owned, we cannot be controlled, our rights matter.

#feminist #feminism #womensrights #abortionrights #feministasf #protestor #warforwomensrights #makeabortionlegal


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