Anti-depressants and odd side effects.

⚠️This post is to raise awareness of anti-depressants and adverse side effects. ⚠️

I was put on Venlafaxine for my generalised anxiety about 1 1/2 months ago to help me as I was not coping very well. After a while I was getting adverse side effects, predominately persistent vertigo to such a degree that I could barely move my head. After seeing the doctor and getting a blood test the results showed that somehow the venlafaxine was instructing my thyroid directly to produce too many thyroid hormones resulting in ‘hyperthyroidism’. Normally this is caused by the brain telling the thyroid to produce these hormones but somehow the medication has skipped this step.
The thyroid is found at the front of the neck. It produces hormones that affect things such as your heart rate and body temperature.
An overactive thyroid can cause a wide range of symptoms, including: anxiety, nervousness, mood swings, difficulty sleeping, persistent tiredness and weakness, sensitivity to heat, swelling of the neck, irregular heartbeat, twitching, trembling and weight loss.
I have had all these symptoms except the neck swelling and weight loss.

I have had my anti-depressants changed to something similar and I have been on them for nearly 2 weeks now and I have just had another blood test to see if my thyroid is back to normal.. 🥺🤔
If it isn’t it’s a specialist for me.

My doctor is actually a mental health specialist and asked my permission to use my case in an upcoming mental health meeting to discuss ‘identifying physical side effects related to trauma’- I always knew I was special. 😂🙈

I’ll keep you updated, I had the second blood test today (2 blood nurses later and 2 injured sore arms), I’ll get the results on friday. 😟🙈🤐



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