Review of Livia device. 💛💜

After suffering with severe period pain for so long due to my endometriosis I have spent an endless amount of time tirelessly researching methods of pain management to allow me to lead somewhat of a normal life and mimiraculously I managed to come across an advert for this device called Livia which is specifically fo period pain.

With my Endometriosis I get period type abdominal pain every single day, and as you can imagine this is exhausting- some days it is worse than others but I hate to admit lately it has been more bad days than good which is why I have been searching and hoping to come across something that can help me manage my pain on a regular basis.

This is why I was so happy to come across the advert for Livia. It is similar to a tense machine, it stimulates the nerves by emitting electric pulses through the skin.
The technology behind Livia is based on the ‘Gate Control Theory’, by emitting non-painful signals through the pads attached to the skin this closes the gate and blocks the pain receptors in the brain and therefore the painful sensation of pain.
In other words, Livia sends stimulating pulses from the surface of the skin to the nerve strands, preventing pain signals from reaching the brain.

I really took a chance on this device, the price put me off for quite a while, I left it in my basket and kept going back to view it over and over reading the reviews, seeing what accreditation the device has got and how it works but I was unsure whether to sink that amount of money on it, but then I saw that it came with a 60 day money back guarantee, that seemed to convince me.

I ordered it on a deal and it cost me £123-4.

Unlike a tense machine I loved how small and compact the livia device is, it only has two sticky pads with a short length wire and the device itself is a quite small so it can easily be clipped onto your pants and can easily be hidden, even if you chose not to hide it you can buy different colour skins for the device to make it a fashionable piece of your outfit which I thought was a good idea.

My pack came with two skins a blue one and a red one, you also get two packs of sticky pads, the recharging wire and a white case to keep it in whilst on the go.

It recommended charging it for 12 hours before using it, which I was slightly annoyed with- I was just so excited to use it, I wanted to use it right away! I decided to play it safe and charge it for a day.

The next day I could not wait to try it out, the past few days my pain had been particularly bad and I was unable to barely move around the house.

I attached the pads onto my lower abdomen and plugged them into the device and attached it to the waistline of my harem pants.

When you first turn it on, it automatically goes on the lowest setting, it doesn’t hurt it just feels like a little tingling on the skin- it does take a while to get used to.

The device is easy to use, the wire for the flower pads goes in the top and the rechargeable wire in the bottom; the only buttons on the device are the power button, a plus and minus button to increase or decrease the intensity of the pulses.

For the first week I only left it on the first intensity and felt a slight improvement, the weeks following I gradually increased it, if I could no longer feel the pulses I would increase it by one.

Now I could not do without this little miracle device!!! I put it on charge along with my phone before going to bed and it is ready to use for the next day. The device lasts a good 8-9 hours depending on the intensity you use before it needs charging. The case makes it easy for you to store it in your handbag once it runs out of charge and so you can charge it at home, it’s barely noticeable when you wear it and it is so easy to pop on when out and about. It’s so handy and convenient.

By itself for my Endometriosis is doesn’t take all the pain away but it makes my pain more manageable along with taking my pain killers, instead of the pain being sharp and to the point where im struggling to move and get out of bed now I am able to carry on with my daily activities.

The only criticism I can give to the device is that the sticky pads tend to gather at the edges and loose their stickiness if wearing it for long periods of time but they aren’t that expensive to buy.

Also with being in the UK having to pay for the custom charge has been a pain, I wasn’t charged for the actual device and it came within 5 business days however, when ordering replacement sticky pads for the device I was charged and for the second lot of sticky pads- the device once you buy it is under warranty for 2 years, I noticed the electric pads were not emitted evenly through the pads and livia kindly and quickly sent replacement ones which I was charged for.

Except for them two negatives above I cannot think of any faults with the device it is brilliant for period pain, abdominal pain and Endometriosis suffers like myself and I would definitely recommend it!

I can see why thousands of women around the world are raving about it!

Check it out on their website below:

Livia – The off switch for period pain

Thanks for reading.

Until next time.

Faye x


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