Why is it so hard to talk to other women about fertility issues and Endometriosis?

I’m writing this post because since being diagnosed with both PCOS and now Endometriosis I have found it increasingly difficult to discuss around other people- especially women!

Why is that?

Wouldn’t you automatically think that women would be more sympathetic and show more empathy towards another woman with fertility issues.

I don’t go around telling everyone my problems but when it does come up (it is a regular part of my life so its bound to come up) and I’m completely honest about it all I get is stunned looks and silence. Of course I don’t expect the other person to be dramatically apologetic, or expect any attention from stating my health but I’ve found I’ve been given the cold shoulder more than I can count and a lot of women are unaware of fertility and womens issues such as PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and Endometriosis.

Is this an reoccurring thing?

How many women know about these women’s issues because I surely didn’t until being diagnosed! I’d only heard of Endometriosis because my mum has it, I’d never heard of PCOS before.

Maybe women should be taught about these issues sooner so they can identify the symptoms and signs for an earlier diagnosis and treatment because famously it takes a whopping 7 years to get diagnosed with Endometriosis and to get diagnosed with either of my conditions I lost count how many times I went to the doctors complaining of symptoms such as heavy bleeding, insufferable abdominal pain and back pain and I was told repeatedly- ‘it’s normal/ all in your head/ your perception on pain’ and I was just given contraceptives from a very young age that just masked and exacerbated the symptoms.

Why is there a lack of education for women regarding infertility issues?

Why do women have to wait so long to get seen/heard?

Why do/have doctors been getting away with not listening to women who come to them with insufferable abdominal pain?

And… Why is there a lack of empathy? Is it because people feel generally uncomfortable around a chronically ill person or do they feel uncomfortable when someone else opens up honestly to them about what they struggle with and their vunerabilities?… because famously women are used to hiding details of our periods and anything to do with our reproductive cycles as society has deemed it inappropriate to discuss openly!

Pads or pain killers for periods have to be traded in secret, hidden in the workplace and in front of others and whispered about in front of men as it makes them uncomfortable. 🤬😡😠

Is this the reason why I find it difficult to speak to other women about fertility issues??

I do very much believe infertility is very much a feminist issue that needs to be addressed.