‘Be you’ Period Patches Review from an Endometriosis sufferer. ğŸ’â€â™€ï¸ğŸŽ—📝

My mum bought me these a little over a month ago and since I have bought another packet so I thought I would write an honest review about them in the view of an Endometriosis sufferer. ğŸŽ—ğŸŽ—

Firstly though…

What are ‘Be you patches?’

These patches are similar to heat patches that you can buy and stick on your skin underneath your clothes but rather than using heat they use essential oils.
The two main ingredients are steam-distilled Menthol Oil and Eucalyptus Oil.

Properties of these essential oils?
Menthol’s ability to chemically trigger the cold-sensitive TRPM8 receptors in the skin is responsible for the well-known cooling sensation it provokes when inhaled, eaten, or applied to the skin. Menthol also blocks voltage-sensitive sodium channels, reducing neural activity that may stimulate muscles- menthol oil can therefore reduce muscle spasms and muscle cramps.

Eucalyptus oil thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits can work wonders if your muscles are sore after a workout or if you suffer from chronic pain caused by certain conditions, it is commonly used to treat muscle and joint pain linked to strains and sprains, arthritis, bruising, and backache. Scientists conclude that it produces significant physiologic responses that may be beneficial for pain relief and/or useful to athletes as a passive form of warm-up.

The ‘Be you patches’ consistently over 12 hours release these oils once applied to the skin.

As you know, period cramps are caused by muscle contractions. The eucalyptus and menthol oils get absorbed (slowly) through the skin and help ease that muscular tension. There are dozens of studies to validate this.


The patches are so easy to apply, they are very much like a plaster with paper/plastic backing that peels away in 3 places.

The one point I would make it to be careful where to place it as even when you have stuck it to your skin it can catch on your pants or clothes if you’re constantly moving around so try and place it closest to your abdomen as you can.

You get 5 strips per packet for around (£5.99-8.99) and the packet is resealable to stop the strips drying out which I think is a fantastic idea.

As soon as you open the packet you can definitely smell the oils, it smells like vic- that you put on your chest when you have a cold.

I found that the patch does take 20-30 minutes once you’ve applied it to start working.

You start to feel a tingling sensation at first, quite similar to adding freeze gels to your skin.

The tingling then passes, and I could feel my abdomen becoming more relaxed and not moving as much which is what causes me pain.

As time passes I feel like the pain isn’t as sharp. It no longer felt like stabbing pains but rather an ache or stretched muscle.

In combination with my pain medication I definitely felt that these patches help and with them lasting 12 hours you can wear one all day which is amazing!!

I wish I had more but I have no money at the minute, I did find out that be you do a subscription service for the patches which I am seriously considering.

If you have Endometriosis or bad period pain I definitely recommend trying these patches.

I only wish there were more in a pack or you could buy bumper/larger packs as I go through them way too quickly.

You can buy them on amazon and on the ‘be you’ website.