Feminist quote: “Well behaved women seldom make history”.

No they don’t. We have to be rebellious and smash the patriarchy! 👊♀️

☆Examples of rebellious feminists include:

•Indira Jaising (feminist activist and lawyer): Ms Jaising dedicated her life to fighting for the cause of human rights and founded Lawyers Collective, a human rights organisation, along with her husband Anand Grover in 1981. Her tireless work has been instrumental in the framing of the Domestic Violence Act (2005).

•Simone de Beauvoir: An outspoken political activist, writer and social theorist, in 1949 de Beauvoir wrote ‘The Second Sex’, an ahead-of-its-time book credited with paving the way for modern feminism. In the influential (and at the time, extremely controversial) book, de Beauvoir critiques the patriarchy and social constructs faced by women. The Second Sex was banned by The Vatican and even deemed ‘pornography’ by some —a fearless start to the fight for feminism.

• Angela Davis: A trailblazing voice for black women, Davis played a crucial part in the Civil Rights movement. The political activist was a key leader in the Black Power movement, and though some of her more radical positions and role in political protests have been deemed controversial, she has relentlessly fought to champion the progress of women’s rights for over six decades. She most recently served as an honorary co-chair for the Women’s March on Washington in 2017.



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