Another disappointing gynecology appointment: being recommended temporary menopause injections at aged 27- a life with Endometriosis.

This Monday I went to see the gynecologist again about my endometriosis.

I had an emergency appointment as I was given the contraceptive pill and told to take it for 3-months without a break then have a break and therefore a period, however during his 3 months I started bleeding and the bleeding has carried on for an entire month and the pain has been excruciating.

During this appointment I was hoping my options would be discussed with me however I felt very dismissed and I was recommended an option that was very overwhelming and stressful for me.

I have had heavy periods from a very young age so I have been prescribed a variety of different contraceptives which have never agreed with my body I have tried various contraceptive pills, the injection, the copper coil, basically everything bar injection you have in your upper arm that last for 3 years and the mirena coil.

Everytime I go to see the gynecologist I end up having a different one and it seems to me that they are not reading into my conditions fully and they are just reading from a list as what treatments to give me, I have never once been asked what I would like from the treatment or what I need help with. When I asked for help with the pain and disclosed that this was my main issue I felt undermined and I felt no empathy from them as they recommended for me to take over the counter paracetamol and ibuprofen which I thought was a joke as being 27 and having this condition for a long time they should know I’ve already tried this and it doesn’t work which is why I am on a high dose of Zapain and naproxen.

I am upset after Monday’s appointment because I was recommended a injection which will bring on an early menopause for up to 6 months and this will essentially stop the production of oestrogen in my body and stop my periods and help the endometrial tissue heal however, this can actually make my symptoms worse.

This option wasn’t fully explained to me and I had all of 2 minutes to read a leaflet and was forced to agree to take this option as they would give me any other option to try .

They did disclose however, that I may undergo menopausal symptoms and if this happens I may have to go through hormonal treatment which is common for women who undergo the menopause.

As you can imagine this was a lot to take in and I became very overwhelmed and upset. It is by no means an easy option to consider putting your body through an early menopause at 27 years old.

Upon coming home I was going to ask all the women on my endometriosis support groups on Facebook and other social media platforms that I have their opinion on this however, after speaking to one lovely lady on my Instagram and explaining the situation she recommended a viable option for me which I decided to take.

I have decided to refer myself to endometriosis specialist to discuss my options fully and to get the support and help that I need. I don’t care if I have to wait for it but I don’t want my options to be a last resort.

I want somebody to fully look at my medical records, look through my conditions and recommend an option that is best for me and not just an option that is on the NHS list of treatments.

I am now waiting for the referral to go through so fingers crossed it’s all happening relatively soon.

I will keep you updated I’ll check my Instagram for more information.

Until next time,

Much love,

Faye aka Endo warrior.





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