Review of livia CBD spray: from an Endometriosis sufferer.πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

I bought not too long ago, the Beyou CBD spray and it has turned into one of my handbag essentials when dealing with Endometriosis.

You can buy this product either in drop form or spray in strengths of 300mg, or 600mg.

I purchased the 300mg as it was only Β£25 and I currently take other CBD products, otherwise for pain such as abdominal pain that comes with suffering Endometriosis I would definitely recommend the higher dose.

I love this product, I pop it my handbag when i am out and it really is a great help for me along with other methods I use.

When I find myself in pain whilst out and I have already taken my painkillers I take a few sprays of the oil and keep it under my tongue for as long as I can, then swallow. After a few minutes I am calmer and I feel better able to cope with my pain, the pain dulls ever so slightly and it contributes to me coping with it whilst out and about or when busy.

It is so handy to just take whilst out and about and the price is reasonable too!

I would definitely recommend purchasing this if you have Endometriosis, painful periods or abdominal pain- along with the beyou period patches it is always in my bag and a go to product for me that I cannot rave enough about.

The period patches are fantastic with a range of fantastic reviews. You get a pack of 5 for Β£7.99 and can also have them in subscription.

Visit the website to check out their fantastic products and reviews- use PAYDAY20 until tomorrow for 20% off any of their products.