Small white butterfly Caterpillar found in my front garden. 😍🐛🦋

This is a Caterpillar of the small white butterfly (Pieris rapae) which I found in my front garden yesterday!
Most gardeners will get rid of these as they are regarded as pests. Yes they are eating some of my plants BUT that’s what I put them there for!! My plants are there for butterflies including caterpillars, they can eat as much as they want because it’s all worth it to see butterflies all over my flowers in the late spring- early summer!
Through being a member of ‘Butterfly conservation’ I had fantastic informational booklets with what to put in both my front and back garden and despite my front garden only being there for a year, only being small and I have done this on a budget it really shows that anything is possible!! Every space can be utilised for wildlife!
If I can do it, in a small semi-detached house so can you!  #wildlife


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