Moth surveying; a new moth trap developed to be more lightweight and supports charity. 

The NHBS’s moth trap is an exciting new lightweight and highly portable Skinner moth trap. Designed and manufactured by NHBS (Natural History Book Service) Devon workshop in collaboration with Butterfly Conservation, this new trap is designed with portability in mind.

Unlike other moth traps on the market this weighs a mere 2kg in weight. It is constructed from lightweight panels covered with a light-coloured nylon material and is easily assembled using velcro rather than using hardened plastic.

Once assembled the trap container has two panels which help to prevent trapped moths from escaping. The trap is mains powered and runs from a single 20W Blacklight bulb which doesn’t shatter when it comes in contact with the rain.

The trap has been tested and approved by the Butterfly Conservation expert Phil Sterling who recommends this trap.

For each trap the Butterfly conservation will recieve 10% from the sale of each moth trap.

This moth trap is available using the following link:


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