Bee kind pottery. 🐝🐝🌱

Inspired by the need to create important foraging environments for bumblebees, Woodlodge has developed a beautiful collection of decorative bee pots in the hope of getting more inspiring gardeners to plant pollinator friendly flowers, no matter the outside space.

The bee kind pottery collection (above) is frost proof for year round planting and available in three gorgeous bee designs to encourage people to plant for these important pollinators.

Clare Hurst from Woodlodge- “Flower pots are a great alternative (and just as friendly) to wild meadows in supplying bumblebees with the important foraging environment they need to thrive in your garden. By filling plant pots with flowers that are rich in pollen and nectar, you’ll be able to turn what was an unused space into a mini, bumblebee friendly haven”.

The range is incredibly versatile, allowing you to add colourful, nectar-rich flowers to a patio, terrace, balcony, windowsill or rental spaces.

Woodlodge suggests the following bumblebee friendly flower varieties to get you started, which are easy to grow in containers and will look fabulous in your garden, perennials such as:

Lavendar (Lavandula)

Hydrangeas such as wild or smooth hydrangea

Spring crocus

Check out the bumblebee conservation trust for more bumblebee friendly flower species you can easily plant in your garden.


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