6 potential bumblebee nests you could have or potentially provide in your garden. πŸπŸ

I thought I’d write this quick article (with the help from my Bumblebee Conservation Trust monthly newsletter) on how you can provide our bumblebees with potential nests in your garden.

We all have to do our bit to help save the bees. 🐝🐝

Bumble nest.

1. Shed basement burrow: under a shed makes for a cosy under-shed burrow, only one previous occupant, tasteful homely interior decorated with shredded newspaper paper and an old plastic bag, access to a beautiful garden with well-stocked flower beds and flowering shrubs it is inviting for most bumblebee queens.

This is perfect for a ground dwelling Buff-tail or white-tail queen.

2. Hedgehog house: set in an ideal location under a hedgerow, providing great links to local amenities, this once traditional hedgehog hibernation box has been repurposed to make a fine nest. Well sheltered from the elements and with plenty of room they make good bumblebee nests for a growing colony, most bumblebees queens would be lucky to call this place a home.

3. Bird box boulevard: former bird boxes make a great spot for bumblebee nests, it comes prefurnished with warm nesting material and is suitable for most discerning bumblebee queens. A sturdy structure at a good height, the nest box has a single entrance and is well positioned amongst flowering trees and a fence lines which is a perfect spot.

4. Rooftop residence: a modern rooftop apartment provides an expansive open plan living space, complete with newly installed fibre glass insulation to take the strain out of incubation. Tree bumblebee queens in particular will love the views from high up under the tiles. The area is a hot spot for activity in early summer with a real community buzz.

5. Green moss Avenue: secluded tussocks of long grass and a marvellous mossy mound make this the ideal location for a canny career bee to set up a homemade with a little DIY, perhaps the addition of a thatched roof, this could be the perfect place to raise a colony.

6. Compost cottage: newly emerged bumblebee queens will love this snug and comfortable abode that benefits from the warmth of rotting vegetable matter which provides the advantage of conserving energy and keeping the whole colony warm during the cold nights. This dream colony location is not like to be on the market for long.

For more information on what bumblebees look for in a nest site and what to do if you find one visit:



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