Checking my garden before work: clematis, tomatoes & gladioli.

Checking my garden before I go to work.

☆My purple clematis (my first clematis) has finally come to flower and has two amazing flowers- I can’t wait to see the rest. It’s in a pot with a Virginia creeper and some sweet peas.

☆I have two big pots of tomatoes one is growing massively and the other isn’t as big BUT is growing tomatoes which you can see on the picture-  I’m super excited! I love tomatoes!

☆A big beautiful yellow flower has appeared in my wildflower patch I am yet to identify. I love it.

☆ The orange flowers I love that  flower every year (South African) have now come to flower and bring some vibrancy to the wildflower colour.

☆  Finally but not least as I am the most excited about these…
MY GLADEOLI ARE COMING TO FLOWER!! I’ve planted so many different colours and I’ve never seen them in real life, I’m so excited to see them all in full flower.

Love, Faye xxx


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