Recipe for a gorgeous Gooseberry Soda. ðŸ˜‹

When is better to try out a refreshing soda recipe than on a hot summers day to enjoy sitting relaxing in the sun.

As we have plenty of sunny days ahead I thought I’d share this recipe from my most recent countryfile magazine.

Gooseberry soda.


Make approximately 750ml.

– 350mg very ripe, green gooseberries.

– 2 ½ tbsp honey

-450ml soda water or sparkling mineral water

– Ice to serve with (if you like)


1. Put the gooseberries in a blender with a splash of water to help loosen them up a bit, and pulse into a thick purée.

2. Using a large spoon, push the purée through a wire mesh sieve suspended over a large jug to extract the bright green delicious juice. Once as much juice has been extracted as possible, discard the pips and tough skins that have been left behind. You should end up with around 300ml juice (if you have much less than that, then just put a smaller amount of soda water in at the end so the flavour doesn’t get diluted too much).

3. Add the honey to the juice and stir until dissolved. You can add a little more or reduce the amount to taste if you like; the riper your gooseberries are, the less you’ll need. Top with the soda water and gently stir to combine.

4. Pour the soda into a sterilised bottle, seal and pop in the fridge to chill. Serve cold, over plenty of ice. It will keep happily in the fridge for a couple of days, but may need a gentle shake before serving if it has settled in the bottle.

This recipe is from an amazing couple who I’ve read about numerous times in previous countryfile magazines.

Here is their story:

Their website is called “Seasonal Table” (link below).

Kathy and Tom live on a little smallholding in the hills of rural Somerset in England, along with several hives of bees, a gaggle of six geese, and a multi-coloured flock of chickens. There is a little orchard and vegetable garden too. The Seasonal Table blog is all about their experiences of slow food and slow living. It is a journal of their seasonal recipes, featuring organically home grown, wild-harvested, or locally sourced ingredients, and a collection of our smallholding stories and activities.

Check out their website for more tasty, seasonal, healthy and easy recipes.

Faye xxx


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