Morphine patches (the only thing helping with my pain levels- Endometriosis) has now been taken away from me.

Since coming out of the hospital (I’ve been out for 2-3 weeks now), the morphine patches have been the only way that I’ve been coping with my pain.

I’ve been managing with my pain for the past two weeks but this week (1st August-9th) I have been struggling.

I managed to work on Monday but due to having no morphine patches left I came into work for an afternoon shift and I couldn’t even start my shift because the pain hit me like a freight train and I ended up crying my eyes out and going home.

I’ve now spent Tuesday- Friday at home yet again struggling to manage my pain.

I was expecting my morphine patches today (Friday) but apparently because I have gone through them so fast because I sweat so much and am active plus they don’t stick on too well they have refused to give me anymore.

Now I am more than upset trying to think of how I am going to manage working with my pain levels so high.

I am using my CBD oil, cold spray, period patches, tense machine and all I have and I’m still struggling.

What do I do now?

Why do they have to make it so difficult?!

Faye xxx


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