Rushed to hospital because no-one would help me with my endometriosis pain levels. 😪😪

2 weeks ago I was rushed into hospital because my pain had reached an all time high.

Even after asking for help from everyone I could (my doctors, gynecologists, pain clinic), they let me fend for myself with no help which ended up with me being rushed into the hospital.

I felt my pain progressively getting worse for 3 months, I tried everything, I tried control the pain on my side and also asked for medical help but I was refused, my referral to the pain clinic was rejected because of covid-19 and because they take my surgery (which may take up to a year) as ‘other treatment’ therefore I’m not entitled to go to the pain clinic for any further help.

I was just about to go to work on a Monday afternoon and I collapsed through being in so much pain. I was screaming the house down, I couldn’t cope, I’d never had that amount of pain before, my mum called NHS helpline and then was advised to call an ambulance.

I was rushed into hospital, already been given morphine and gas and air.

I was left in a&e for about 2 hours and then put in a treatment room.

I was left in this treatment room crying and yelling in pain for over 2 hours; the nurses told me they had called the doctor from the labour ward and he was going to see me first.

When the doctor finally came to see me he came in shouting and balling at me, telling me to relax and telling me that because I’m not relaxing I was making my pain worse and that he wouldn’t waste his time rushing me into theatre because my stomach wasn’t hard??

He then carried on shouting at me saying he didn’t know what was wrong with me and asked what I wanted.

With my eyes swollen as I’d been crying for hours, I begged him to take the pain away and he told the nurses to put me to bed with a paracetamol IV drip. They left me unattended in bed until the following morning.

When the morning came I told my mum and she was fuming and told me to speak to the head of the ward and complain about him, and I did- I have put up with so much mistreatment with having endometriosis as it is, I didn’t expect it whilst I was crying in pain and rushed into the hospital plus I did not want him to treat anyone else like this… it was completely unacceptable.

I stayed in for a few days waiting for blood test results, an internal scan, and whilst all this was happening they barely dealt with my pain.

Even though previously the pain clinic at the hospital refused to help me and rejected my referral, because now I was inpatient they came to see me and gave me morphine patches. They started me off at 5mg (I told them that it wasn’t working but they didn’t listen).

I was sent home with just the morphine patches and I was told my endometriosis hadn’t gotten any worse and they couldn’t explain how my pain had gotten worse???

How could they tell my pain hadn’t got any worse without keyhole surgery? Answer is they couldn’t.

So I stayed off for the rest of the week since I came home on Thursday and I went back to work on the Monday.

Going to hospital has made me realise the mistreatment of patients like myself who have endometriosis doesn’t even stop when your rushed in to a&e. Even though endometriosis is considered as one of the most painful conditions there is, there is still so much misunderstanding, lack of research and most importantly EMPATHY!

Faye xxx


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