Short poem about CPTSD & dreaming: “Let me sleep”.

Last night I had a bad dream again,

I feel like this will never end,

I know it wasn’t reality but it feels so deep and personal to me,

What is my brain trying to tell me?

Is there some truth in these dreams or is it all my CPTSD?

It feels like a curse to be spiritual and have a busy brain because sometimes I just want the silence, I want the rest,

I want to rest my head and not dream away,

I want to feel refreshed when I get out of bed…

But it is my curse I have to bare,

Like many other things in my life, I have to live with it, cope with it, but at least I can share.

Share my truth, share my struggle, share my reality because maybe somewhere out there someone is going through the same experiences as me.






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