Struggling on my week off: sinus infection & endometriosis.

Today like the past couple of days I have been trying to rest, as catching a sinus infection is a sign that my body is run down.

I am also due on and I am hoping if I rest that my PCOS won’t cause me to skip another period which makes things worse.

I am trying to remain positive but to be completely honest I am struggling.

I am struggling for energy, to remain positive, upbeat, calm and collected, I am having acne breakouts, my endo pain is not decreasing no matter what I do, and my mental health is not the best.

I feel increasingly alone in this and I am tired of waiting for treatment and tired of my endometriosis affecting my life and what I want to do with it.

I just want a day without pain, without the fatigue and without the struggle.

No one realises what a toll endo has on your mental health and for me who already has mental health conditions such as cptsd, if is especially difficult.

I will keep fighting through, I will try and remain positive, optimistic , patient and take it day by day.


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