Finally a light at the end of the tunnel!

I finally got my endo specialist appointment!!

On 5th of October I finally got my endo specialist appointment after waiting for so so long!

I cannot put into words how anxious and nervous I was and I was so grateful that I could take my mum in with me!

He treated me with nothing but respect, he didn’t rush me or talk down to me and answered all of mine and my mums questions.

Most importantly he did two things:

1. Came up with a treatment plan.

Pain meds are just anti spasming tablets and paracetamol which I’m unsure will work but I’m happy to give it a try.

2. He told me that I can have children!

No other medical professional has answered this question that has been hanging over my head for some while now. I may need my ovaries drilling beforehand but I was so relieved that I was told it was a possibility and all my options weren’t being taken away that I burst into tears. He also said at 27 with no children the other medical professionals should NOT have been pushing me to get a hysterectomy and putting me through an early menopause wouldn’t have helped either.

I’m so glad I persevered and waited to see the specialist.

No I have been taking all my recommended medication for 3 days now and I need to get in touch with the dietician also to find out how to do the FODMAP diet.

I am waiting and hoping this will all work and most importantly that my operation won’t take as long as a year!


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